The Red District

Victoria's Red District has been heavily developed from when it was part of Victoria West. The former rail yard has been converted to housing, many new businesses have moved in to serve the needs of the Kindred and human residents, and unlike many Red Districts, the population has actually grown significantly. 
A security wall has been put in along the district's land-bound border, with the inner harbor serving as a natural barrier for the rest of the area. OHKR is well aware of that fact that the water is much more of a deterrent to humans than Kindred, and so have installed a variety of additional security measures in the area to prevent the district's vampiric residents from simply 'walking across'. Armed OHKR agents patrol both the wall and the harbor night and day, though they take pains to be as courteous as possible when carrying out their duties.
There are two main methods of egress into and out of the Red District: The Bay Street Checkpoint and the Johnson Street Bridge (JSB) Checkpoint. The Bay Street checkpoint is the most commonly used, and is the main civilian access point to the Red District. It's set up for both pedestrian and vehicle access, though most visitors come on foot. The JSB checkpoint is usually reserved for government or business use, such as the Embassy convoys or a land-bound goods shipment.
Kindred wishing to leave the Red District must display a specially-issued piece of ID, commonly referred to as a 'Day Pass'. These come in both temporary (one-night-only) and permanent versions, and can be applied for via OHKR. Kindred leaving the district must also state their intended business as well as ensure that they are taking nothing into Victoria that violates Canadian law (drugs, most guns, etc.). All Kindred traffic is heavily monitored, and any vampire who doesn't return by dawn or is out in the city during a Kindred-related incident is sure to get a phone call from OHKR
The process to enter the Red District is similar for humans. Non-residents must obtain a 'Night Pass' through the OHKR office, while humans living within the Red District can simply show any piece of government-issue photo ID, provided it has their address on it. Just like the vampires, human visitors are monitored and will be investigated if they stay beyond the time allowed by their passes.

Domain and the Red District: Due to the district's relatively small size in comparison to an entire city, the concept of covenant or clan-wide hunting grounds or territory has been laregely abandoned. A Kindred's 'domain' therefore, is reduced to their Haven, and outside that they are expected to share. However, Kindred are naturally territorial creatures, and despite the lack of sanctioned Domain, the covenants all have areas of the district they have unofficially claimed as their own.

Cathian Movement, the Delta Hotel: Shortly after the establishment of the Red District, Director Paul Ruben revealed he'd actually held the property rights for the site of the Delta Hotel for decades, and rather than fight a lengthy legal battle, the company sold him the entire building for a song. Since then, Ruben has turned the property into housing complex and meeting ground for the Carthian Movement. It still functions as a hotel for humans with multi-night passes, and any Carthian can claim lodgings there.

Circle of the Crone, Victoria West Park: As the largest bit of green space within the Red District, the park was swiftly claimed by Revel for the Crone. Since then it has undergone many changes, not the least of which is an intimidatingly tall and thorny hedge that sprung up around the park's borders in a matter of nights. What the interior of the park now looks like is a mystery to any non-Acolyte, but beyond the top of the hedge, a canopy of trees can be seen where there was once only open field. Revel and their brood of Gangrel is known to Haven within the park, and it's one of the few places in the Red District that the mortal residents absolutely avoid.

Invictus, Victoria International Marina: Before the Red District, Vic West was an interesting contrast in luxury and decay and the First Estate made certain to snap up the choicest bit of luxury upon moving in. Samuel Lopez now owns the Marina and the swanky real estate attached to it, making the entire area into an Invictus stronghold. Member of the First Estate can claim Haven within the Marina's walls, but it is decidedly closed to the public.

Lancea Sanctum, St. Longinus Church: One of the newest buildings in the Red District, the construction of St. Longinus Church was made possible through the influence of Mother Florina and is the primary place of worship for all Sanctified within the district. During the daylight hours, it is open to humans who wish to pray, though most of the believers in the area still view the building with a bit of mistrust. Florina is trying hard to make the church have a welcome place within the community, in line with her agenda of Kindred-human fellowship. Though the church is dedicated to the Lancea Sanctum, Mother Florina has stated that any Kindred may claim sanctuary within its walls should their need be great enough.

Ordo Dracul, Former Industrial Docks:  The docks at the western edge of the Red District were rendered inoperable when the area was established as OHKR claimed it posed too much of a security risk to remain active. This left a lot of heavy machinery and warehouses abandoned… until the Ordo Dracul moved in. Now, strange lights, sounds and smells emanate from docks at all hours of the night, and even stranger, occasionally during the day. Most of the Red District's human residents avoid the place, but with the same sort of prudent caution one gives to an active construction site rather than true fear. As for what, exactly, goes on in there now, only the Dragons can say.

<u>Other Areas of Interest</u>

Babylon: A vampire-run nightclub catering to both Kindred and humans, Babylon has quickly become one of the premier locations in the Red District's night life. Extremely popular with young Kindred and human tourists, the entire establishment is 'open feeding': advertised as a place where Kindred can feed, and humans can be fed upon, without judgment or shame. Hugo Patel, a Carthian of significant wealth, owns the establishment. His coterie-mate, Gwendovach Brewin, take care of management and security is handled by the hulking Randulf Ulafsson, who ensures that every patron respects the club's rules of respect and consent.

Carthage: Ironically owned by an Invictus member by the name of Lydia Lavrentios, Carthage is the 'other' vampire club in the Red District. Unlike its direct competitor, Babylon, Carthage advertises itself as refined social club for sophisticated Kindred and humans. Thus, its clientele tends to be smaller, but more wealthy. The head of the Invictus, Samuel Lopez, is known to hold the occasional Salon here and those occasions are not to be missed.

Herschel Urban's Haberdashery and Accessories: An odd shop that sprung up around the same time as the formation of the Red District, this establishment has filled a local niche by becoming the district's second-hand store, pawn broker, and, strangely, hat shop all rolled up into one. The owner is human, friendly and apparently unflappable. He serves the most twisted Nosferatu and the most ordinary of mortals with the same disarming smile and gentile manner. It's said that, if you look long enough amongst the winding and rickety shelves, you can find just about anything at Herschel's.

Sanguine Creations: Possibly the most specialized eatery ever established, this cafe caters to Kindred who wish to experience consuming normal food again (or as close as they can get). The owner, an eccentric Dragon called Otto Keller, uses some sort of alchemy (he's quite dodgy about the specifics) to infuse blood into his food. It doesn't work with everything, he's had the most success with baked goods and candy, but Kindred can eat his creations… even if they still taste like mush. Otto caters to humans as well, with a selection of blood-free food for mortals to purchase. He claims human clients are vital to his progress, and requests that living patrons take the time to describe each taste as best they can. 

The Red District

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