This page is for publicly known NPCs.  If you've been in Victoria for any length of time, you will at least have heard of most of these people.  


Court Positions:

Prince Richard Castor

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While a long time resident of Victoria, Richard Castor has only been Prince for a few years now, coming to power during the confusion and turmoil caused by the Reveal. Before his rise, Castor was a Dragon of some reputation but apparently little political ambition, and so it came as a surprise to many when he was sitting on the throne after the dust settled. Castor sill maintains strong ties to his covenant, but the demands of leadership leave him little time for research, a fact that he's been known to lament. As Prince, Castor favors a distant, somewhat Darwinian ruling style. He makes a point to keep informed about the business of every member of his court, but rarely interferes directly as he has little patience for petty grievances. It is Castor's opinion that, if you cannot hold on to what you have, then you don't deserve to have it. The one exception to his general detachment is the Traditions. Even rumors of their violation, especially the Peace, will swiftly bring down Castor's personal attention- and while he may have little interest in the trappings of power, he has proven that he can be absolutely ruthless when required.

Sheriff Eleanor Breslin

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Prior to Prince Castor's ascension, Eleanor was known among the Invictus as a problem-solver. Her Ventrue disciplines combined with her preference for dresses, big floppy hats and generally pleasant demeanor meant her combat prowess tended to be underestimated. She never got to the highest ranks of her clan, and rumours abound as to why, but appointing her to Sheriff was one of Prince Castor's first acts. She'd rather step in when a situation is small rather than let it get larger, and makes a point to get to know at least the name of everyone in Court. That's not to say she's never had to knock some heads together, especially with the political tensions since the Reveal.


Keeper of Salons

Ezekiel Smith – Keeper of Elysium 

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The only Kindred to be allowed full-time residency in the Embassy, Ezekiel was the Keeper of Victoria's previous Elysium, and when that location was moved to the Victoria Embassy, Ezekiel moved right along with it. There, he acts much as he did before: speaking much while saying little, keeping out of the way, and always being nearby when he's needed. Officially, Ezekiel is there in case of a vampiric threat against the Embassy that the mortal security cannot handle. Unofficially, every Kindred to attend the Embassy knows that Ezekiel is there to enforce the Peace by whatever means necessary. Ezekiel claims no covenant, the better to maintain his neutrality, and what clan he hails from is a source of open speculation at court.

Covenant Heads

Director Paul Ruben – Head of the Carthians

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Unusually social and gregarious for a Nosferatu, Director Ruben is also the most passionate proponent for the Reveal one is likely to encounter amongst Victoria's Kindred. Cursed with obvious-but-not-disturbing deformities, Ruben is still reveling in the fact that he doesn't have to hide behind masks, computer screens or Obfuscate anymore. Easily the most out-going of the covenant heads, Paul has become something of a spokesman for the Victoria Red District due to his willingness to give interviews, speak at public events and more-or-less mug for the camera at any given opportunity. He's also quite wealthy, for a Carthian, having been a secret mogul of the island's real-estate market for decades. Unlike many of his peers, however, Ruben used primarily legal means to acquire his holdings, which saw them emerge largely intact following the Reveal. In fact, most of the property in the Red District was already his to begin with. The Invictus might be fronting the court's liquid capital, but it's Director Ruben who ensures that all the District's residents, Kindred and human, have a place to live.

Revel – Head of the Crone


Older than most of the the city itself, Revel has been Hierophant for as long as anyone can remember. A Gangrel of no small personal power, they are also a master of Cruac, worshipping the Crone in the form of Etain, a Celtic goddess of transformation. Revel has done little to conceal their personal distaste for the Reveal calling it 'foolish' and 'self-destructive'. Despite their vehemence on the matter, however, they have never been known to directly challenge Prince Castor, or to interfere with the Kindred Nation's attempt to create closer ties with humans. When questioned about this apparent hypocrisy, Revel replies only that "…my personal feelings, no matter their strength, are subservient to the will of my goddess."


Samuel Lopez – Head of the Invictus

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This Ventrue doesn't do much to stray from the stereotype. His impressive collection of allies rivals his impressive collection of suits. He has been playing politics hard since the Reveal, working to make sure his covenant doesn't lose all their holdings to back-taxes or other red tape. He sees positives and negatives to this new world, and is determined that he, the Invictus and even Victoria as a whole will stay on top.  He is extremely proud of his lineage, and has a soft spot for his childer, even those who have left the Invictus.  

Dr. Sylvia Underwood – Head of the Ordo Dracul

An unusual leader, to say the least, Dr. Underwood was personally selected by Prince Castor to lead the Dragons after he came to power. It is rumored his choice was influenced by the fact that he had to largely abandon his own research due to his new position, and he wanted someone leading his covenant that would prioritize research and experimentation, rather than politics. If that is the case, then the Prince certainly made an excellent choice in Sylvia Underwood. 'Passionte' and 'enthusiastic' are words commonly used to describe Dr. Underwood's attitude towards her work, right after 'reckless' and 'possibly mad'. The new Dracul head is extremely pro-Reveal and is very excited about the possibilities of large groups of willing human test subjects, even if she does have some trouble understanding why some humans might not want to participate. It is a surprise to no one that Dr. Underwood hails from clan Ventrue.

Mother Florina – Head of the Lancea Sanctum

She is likely one of the oldest vampires in the city, though precise figures are unavailable. She's a former nun from Eastern Europe, and while she no longer wears the habit, she speaks of her time there with great affection. One of the few powerful Sanctum to openly support the Reveal, she has been using her position as leader to try to draw together her fractured covenant, many of whom disagreed with her position and left altogether. She advocates a gentler way to bring humans to the Divine, and it was certainly her influence that brought a new church to the Red District. Her insistence that vampires must be part of God's plan has struck a chord with some believers. She claims membership in Clan Mekhet and is a Theban expert.

Other Vampires

Alex Wu – Carthian Daeva

Or rather, "Officer Alex Wu, special designation".  After the Reveal, Alex jumped at the chance to fulfil his lifelong dream of becoming a police officer.  Since then, he's attracted a certain amount of positive and negative attention. He's closed cases, got confessions out of hardened criminals, and has put his skills to serving the public as much as possible. Not everyone is happy to see a vampire on the Force, and that includes other vampires.  Not many "serious" newspapers have written much about him, but the online news sites certainly have, and he's a bit of a minor celebrity there, whether he wants to be or not.



Meredith Murphy-Walker – Head OHKR Liaison at the Embassy

Meredith gave up a chance to run for a second term as Mayor and jumped at the chance to be at the front of this "exciting new direction for our Vampire-Canadian friends". She's in her 40s with a husband and two children, but seems to have boundless enthusiasm for whoever she's talking to. She might be accused of glad-handing if she wasn't so sincere, but her political rivals tend to think she's naive and are waiting to see her crash and burn. Her time as mayor was controversial, with some loving her attempts to help the less fortunate and openness to always hearing opinions, and others finding her soft on crime and unwilling to make hard choices. She's known for being strongly anti-discrimination, welcoming refugees, and showing up to just about every public event she can find time for. But whatever you think of her, you have to admit she's got enough energy for three people.

Tobias Withers – Embassy Security, OHKR

The human counter-part to Ezekiel Smith, Tobias is the head of human security at the Victoria Embassy. Thus, he handles the day-to-day running and maintenance of the facility when it's not in official use as well as keeping things secure when it is. A former contractor up from Alberta, it's not clear what Mr. Wither's qualifications are for his post, but never-the-less he seems to be incredibly well-informed about Kindred, espeically their vulnerabilities. Tobias mostly avoids contact with vampires, most often manifesting as a voice over a loudspeaker or radio. He doesn't seem actively hostile towards Kindred, but one could certainly call his manner 'curt'. The one Kindred who he does seem to actively resent is Ezekiel, seeing the vampire's presence in the Embassy as undermining his authority. Still, the man is calm under pressure and a natural leader, the human staff of the Embassy look up to him as a source of stability in uncertain times.


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