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Hello, and welcome to Harsh Light of Day! As mentioned on the Home Page, this game will be run using the rules set down in Vampire: The Requiem and the World of Darkness core (with some modifications), both published by White Wolf games. If you don't have access to physical copies of these books, don't worry! Not only will physical copies be provided to be looked through at every game session, but links will soon be provided to the rules you'll need online. PDF versions of both books area also pretty easy to hunt down.

In the meantime, have a look around! We're not finished uploading yet, but more content is going up daily!

At minimum, we suggest reading the 'Canadian' portion of the Timeline, the Basic Mechanics page, and the Rules Modification page. If you have the time, though, please go through all the pages provided, you'll be in a much better place to enter the game that way!



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Main Page

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