Welcome to Harsh Light of Day! A Vampire the Requiem LARP set in a modern day Victoria, BC where the Masquerade has been shattered and the Kindred are attempting integration with mortal society.

Five years ago, with the Masquerade strained to the breaking point due to nearly-universal surveillance and communication amongst humans, a grand conclave of Kindred was assembled in Rome. This gathering, called the Council of Masks, ultimately concluded that the Masquerade's fall was inevitable and it was more beneficial to the Kindred race as a whole for them to reveal themselves rather than risk accidental discovery.

Fast forward to tonight, and results worldwide have been mixed, to say the least. The Kindred have done their best to paint themselves as beneficial partners to humanity; as symbiotic, rather than parasitic, but not everyone's buying it. Across the globe, reactions to the Kindred have ranged from welcoming to genocidal and everything in between.

In Canada, a failed attempt at early integration has resulted in the creation of the Red Districts: Urban reservations created for the Kindred and those that feed them, legally separate from the Government of Canada. This has been the situation for the past few years, but with a change in administration has come a change in policy and new steps towards better human-Kindred co-operation.
Enter the Kindred Embassies: Locations opening across the nation that will allow humans and vampires a safe and secure environment to come together to exchange business, ideas and culture.

This is where you come in. You have been chosen amongst dozens of volunteers to be a Kindred Nation Ambassador. Under the watchful eye of the both the Prince of Victoria and the Government of Canada  you have been selected to help bridge the gap between humans and vampires to create a better future for both.

At least on paper, anyway. The 'Kindred Nation' is hardly as united as it would like the humans to believe. Ancient rivalries still hold sway over entire bloodlines, elders still use neonates as pawns in games older than countries, young vampires still stab each other viciously in the dark over scraps of power and blood is still the most important thing of all. The Masquerade may have fallen, but the Kindred have not changed, and the words to live by are still "Don't get caught".

Welcome to the Victoria Embassy. We're watching you.

[[This is a game set in a world of dark urban fantasy and will be dealing with adult themes. Thus, anyone wishing to play must be at least 18 years of age.]]

Harsh Light of Day

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