Five clans of vampires make up Kindred society, each with its own unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. The clans will be outlined briefly below, along with a short passage as to how their members have adapted, in general, to the fall of the Masquerade. For more detailed information on the clans, please see the appropriate pages in Vampire: The Requiem.


Nickname: Serpents

Disciplines: Celerity, Majesty, Vigor

Bonus Attribute Dot: Dexterity of Manipulation

Weakness: Must indulge Vice when the opportunity presents itself, or lose two points of Willpower.
About: Lustful rogues, swaggering thugs, femme fatales and simpering socialites can all be found within the ranks of the Daeva. Often seen as the most 'alive' of the clans, the Serpents cleave closely to the pleasures of the flesh, whether that be the soft touch of a lover or the crunch of breaking bones beneath one's fist. Daeva tend towards being aggressive and ruthless, going after their goals with single-minded determination. With Celerity, Vigor and Majesty at their command, they usually end up getting what they want, one way or the other. For more details, see pg. 104-105 of V:tR.

Post Reveal: In many ways, the Davea have had the easiest transition into the spotlight of the world. Their innate gifts make it easy for the Serpents to excel in physical and social arenas, making them an excellent face for the new Kindred Nation. Their signature Disicpline, Majesty, is the most subtle of the mind-effecting powers that Kindred possess, allowing them to utilize it much more freely than, say, Dominate or Nightmare, which gives them another edge when dealing with ignorant humans. Their popularity can work against them, however. Most Daeva have trouble controlling themselves when tempted, and any scandal involving one of their number is going to be that much larger for all the eyes already upon them.



Nickname: Savages

Disciplines: Animalism, Protean, Resilience

Bonus Attribute Dot: Composure or Stamina

Weakness: Either all Int or all Wits tests penalized by -1 (chosen at character creation, not including Disciplines or perception tests). Untrained Mental Skills are at a -4 penalty, rather than -3.

About: Whether they're stalking back alleys, lonely forests, or boardrooms, the members of clan Gangrel are predators one and all. The animalistic nature of the vampire's Beast is pronounced just a little more strongly in the Savages, often leading them to feel more at home in the wild places of the world than the traditionally urban hunting grounds of other clans. With the shape-shifting power of Protean at their command, Gangrel are only clan that could hope to survive away from civilization, and that's the way they like it. Practical and pragmatic, the Savages are prone to acting first and asking questions second, if at all. Gain a Gangrel's trust, and you have a loyal packmate for eternity. Betray that trust, however, and you will find out swiftly just how sharp their claws really are. For more details, see pg. 106-107 of V:tR.

Post Reveal: Never ones for deception or half-measures, many Gangrel find the Reveal to be a relief, welcoming the fact that they no longer have to pretend to be less than they are. As they don't have any inherit 'problematic' Disicplines, Gangrel are generally the most honest Kindred humans are likely to meet, which has brought them an odd popularity in a world where straight-forwardness is increasingly rare. That said, the Gangrel find themselves closely monitored by other vampires. With their reputation for obeying their Beasts whims, some Princes have sanctioned their Gangrel subjects from leaving the Red Districts at all, not wanting to risk an 'incident'. Whether the Savages chafe at this scrutiny is hard to say, but many of their number have simply left the cities, content to survive in the darker corners of the world for a time.



Nickname: Shadows

Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Obfuscate

Bonus Attribute Dot: Wits or Intelligence

Weakness: Take an extra level of damage from fire and sunlight.

About: The Mekhet are the ones you don't see until they're right besides you, the ones that know your name before you've even spoken a word. Masters of stealth and subterfuge, the Shadows are adept at discovering things that others would prefer they do not know. The only clan that has no inherit ability to command other beings, the Mekhet instead embrace the saying 'knowledge is power' and seek to increase their influence at the expense of other people's secrets. The insight into the mind and motivations of others that a Shadow brings is a valuable commodity, but one most always be cautious when dealing with them. After all, no one but the Mekhet themselves know if the supposed 'truths' they have brought you are real, or just another shadow in the night. For more details, see pg. 108-109 of V:tR.

Post Reveal: The Reveal has been hard on most Mekhet. Used to operating cloaked in darkness, many of the clan have not taken well to suddenly being thrust into the light, withdrawing deep into the Red Districts. Some have adapted well, however. Mekhet are excellent agents to maintain the Lie, sensing and acting to contain doubt or dissent before it become a greater issue. The Shadows have also made themselves incredibly valuable behind closed doors to those levels of government that no the truth about the Kindred's powers: who wouldn't want a mind-reader in the room when meeting with foreign diplomats or heads of state? Mekhet must be cautious when speaking to less-informed humans, however, lest the depth of their insights be revealed to those not yet ready to hear them.



Nickname: Haunts

Disciplines: Nightmare, Obfuscate, Vigor

Bonus Attribute Dot: Strength or Composure

Weakness: Either all Presence or all Manipulation tests penalized by -1 (chosen at character creation, not including Disciplines or power tests). Untrained Social Skills are at a -2 penalty, rather than -1. (This penalty manifests itself in a perceptible manner that is unique to each individual Nosferatu. These manifestations can be extreme or subtle and everything in between. Some examples include a third, blind and bloated eye in the middle of the forehead, an inability to smile, or that the Haunt's voice always seems to originate from a point just behind your ear, regardless of where they're actually standing. Whatever form the curse takes, the penalty remains the same.)

About: Monsters among the Damned, the Nosferatu are who the other Kindred check under their bed for at night. Unlike other clans, the Haunts cannot fully hide what they are. Whether it's a mouth like a lamprey's, a persistent odor of grave-dirt or a subtle feeling that something about them just isn't right, all Nosferatu display the fact that they are monsters and it is this trait that defines the clan more than any other. Traditionally pushed to the margins of even Kindred society due to their freakish nature, the Nosferatu have become not only quite insular, but also masters of deep and forgotten places. It's not unusual for cities to have sewers or tunnels where only the Haunts dare to tread. Capable of sharpening the fear they inspire to crippling levels, as well as gifts of strength and stealth, means that when the Nosferatu claim such an area, the other clans usually just let them have it. For more details, see pg. 110-111 of V:tR.

Post Reveal: Most Nosferatu now fall into two categories: Those that enjoy their new found freedom and revel in not having to hide what they are, and those that had embraced being terrible monsters and now resent having to 'be presentable' to the mortals. Despite deformities, odors, and auras, many of the Haunts that fall into the former category have become some of the most passionate and enthusiastic proponents of open human-Kindred relations. Unfortunately, most Nosferatu are quite terrible at the sort of diplomacy and social maneuvering that such things require and sometimes their 'help' just makes things worse. As for Haunts of the more 'gleefully monstrous' variety, they hide from the spotlight as best they can, minimizing their contact with mortals as much as possible. Many of this type have simply vanished entirely.



Nickname: Lords

Disciplines: Animalism, Dominate, Resilience

Bonus Attribute Dot: Presence or Resolve

Weakness: -2 on the test to resist gaining a Derangement after losing Humanity.

About: Aristocrats, CEO's, nobles, and politicians, wherever there is power you can be sure the Ventrue stand nearby ready to take as much of it for themselves as they can. The name of the game, as far as the Lords are concerned, is control, and with their ability to command the minds of animals, humans and vampires, they are very high-level players indeed. The Ventrue gravitate towards leadership roles in Kindred society, many assuming such positions are theirs be right. This can lead to resentment amongst the other clans, but often times letting the Lord be in charge is often less trouble then fighting them for the position. Besides, the one who wears the biggest crown also wears the largest target.

Post Reveal: The Ventrue are adapting nicely, thank you. Born politicians, the Lords have stepped up to the front lines of the PR war for the Kindred's place in the world. If the Daeva are the face of the Kindred Nation, then the Ventrue are the brain. Let the Serpents have the celebrity, the glitz and flashing lights. The Lords will be busy talking to the most powerful people in the country, making decisions that actually matter. This new political battlefield is not without it's challenges, however. The Ventrue's power of Dominate is the most carefully-concealed ability of the Kindred, with only very few mortals knowing it's full capabilities. A sloppy Ventrue could bring down all sorts of trouble on the Kindred Nation, as 'mind control' is not an ability that most people would be comfortable with their new neighbors having.


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