Character Survey

This survey is optional, but we really hope that you'll all fill one out because it helps us do a few important things:
1.) Gives us a better understanding as to what you, the player, like in a LARP.
2.) Helps us (and you) understand your character a little more before they hit the floor.
3.) Gives us some starting off points for your character to better integrate them into the world.

Plus, you get 5 whole experience points for filling it out and sending it to us! That's an extra game's worth of XP right there, plus one!

The survey comes in two parts, an Out of Character portion where we ask you, the player, to answer some questions, and an In Character part which simulates some of the paperwork your character would have had to fill out to become an Ambassador. Just copy-paste the whole thing into the body of an e-mail, fill in your answers, and send it off to
Please try to answer the OOC portion as honestly as possible, it's for your own benefit, after all! For the IC part, put down the answers your character would, in their own voice. If your character would lie on the application (naugthy, naughty!), then please write down their falsehoods along with the truth in brackets, like so: Filthy lies and slander. (The terrible, unfiltered truth)
The lies will be what NPCs who have read these papers believe, but it's important for us STs to know the real reasons behind your characters actions. This allows us to tell a better story for everyone involved! Ready? On with the survey!

Part One: You, the Player

What's an awesome moment you can recall from a previous LARP or tabletop game?:

Why was that moment so great?:

What do you love about LARPing (or role playing in general, if this is your first LARP)?:

What do you like about the Vampire venue?:

Have anything specific in mind for your character in terms of goals or direction? What kind of character arc are you looking for?:

Do you want an NPC to fill a particular role in your character's life, such as a sire, childe, broodmate, rival, lover, mortal family member, etc?

On a scale from 'OMG, not again!' to 'Yea, bring it on motherfuckers!' How much to you enjoy combat as a player?

Something that makes you squee as a LARPer?:

Something that makes you clench your teeth in repressed fury?:

Any comments or final questions?:


Part Two: Application for Ambassador Position in the Victoria Kindred Embassy

Approximate Age:

Why have you applied to be a Kindred Ambassador?:

What skills, talents, knowledge, connections or other traits do you possess that would make you a positive addition to the Victoria Embassy team?:

What do you hope to accomplish if chosen as a Kindred Ambassador?:

Do you have any current, active ties with mortals in the Victoria area (not ghouls)? If yes, describe them:

When was your last meaningful interaction with a mortal (not ghoul) that was a for a purpose other than feeding? Describe it:

How many active, human ghouls to your currently possess? Are they registered in either the Medicinal Vitae Recipient programs or the Kindred Correctional Outreach Program?:

Since the Reveal, have you participated in any activity that the Government of Canada would describe as 'criminal'? If so, describe it:

If selected for a position in the Victoria Embassy, you may be called upon for a variety of duties, not all of which can be predicted. Please rate yourself in the following traits:

1. On a scale of 1-10, how capable of you at controlling your Beast?:

2. On a scale of 1-10, how capable are you of interaction with mortals while hungry?:

3. On a scale of 1-10, how comfortable are you answering questions in front of an audience?:

4. On a scale of 1-10, how capable are you of handling yourself in a physical altercation?:
4-B. Without killing or causing permanent injury?:

5. On a scale of 1-10, how capable of you of defusing a hostile social situation?:
5-B. Without the use of Disciplines?:


Please consider the following scenarios and answer as honestly as you can.

On your way to the Embassy one night, your path is blocked by a mortal protestor. They are hostile and yelling, but alone and unarmed. How would you deal with this situation?:

You are speaking with a human representative in the Embassy, when they mention that they've heard rumors of Kindred being able to 'mind control' people or 'read minds'. How do you respond?:

You are enjoying your time in the Embassy when you notice another Kindred guest is behaving in a crass manner, or is speaking too candidly of subjects the Kindred Nation have deemed unacceptable for public forums. What do you do?:


If you have any other thoughts or comments, please write them here:


Thank you for applying to be a Kindred Ambassador! Your Prince will contact you in the event of your selection.

Character Survey

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